Capturing the essence of networking – Cyber Risk meetup, Melbourne wrap Up


The group representation of thousands of cyber security professionals in Australia, from seniors to students, and otherwise just curious minds, was captured at the latest Cyber Risk Meetup.

Held in Melbourne on April 30, in association with the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN), supported by Illumio and Privasec and hosted by Ernst & Young Australia in Exhibition Street, the opening panel represented the ‘on the ground’ founders of leading meetup groups in the Australian cybersecurity industry.

Shamane Tan, Founder of the Cyber Risk Meetup gathered together the opening panel, with Matt Tett, Founder of Day of the Month (DOTM) Club, Mike Monnik, Organiser of SecTalks Meetup and Founder of the Deakin University Information Security Club (DISC), and Jacqui Loustau, Founder of the AWSN. Together these ‘founders’ each represent different, yet cross complimentary segments of the industry, now running in the majority of Australian states and territories.

Matt Tett’s DOTM clubs, be they a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of each month, capture about 2,000 networkers across the country, sharing an ale or two and discussing their focus of interest. Be that for consulting or technical teams, to students and through to the industry retirees, often paired with younger up-and-comers. Matt brings a relaxed and inclusive approach to his events and they’re an ideal chance to connect and network…Click here to read full article.


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