AFP Arrest Man on Flight from Sydney to Malaysia


A Canberra resident, 45, was charged early this morning following the disruption of a flight that departed Sydney International Airport on 14 August, 2023.

The AFP has charged the man with one count each of:

  • False statement about threat to damage a Division 3 aircraft, contrary to section 24(2)(b) of the Crimes (Aviation) Act 1991
  • Passenger not comply with cabin crew’s safety instruction contrary to section 91.580(3) of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

The offences carry a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of over $15,000, respectively.

He is expected to appear in Downing Centre Local Court today (Tuesday, 15 August, 2023).

The flight to Malaysia, which departed about 1pm, returned to Sydney International Airport at 3.45pm.

During the flight, a male passenger allegedly became disruptive and claimed to have explosives on board.

The AFP arrested the man without incident last night.

Now the matter is before court, no further comment or updates will be made at this stage.


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