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Electro hydraulic Tactical Breaching Kit

SAN Ltd. – Designs and manufactures heavy and light equipment for the defense and commercial markets around the world. Weighing only 3-4 kg when in use by hand, the lightweight…

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Monash designs technology to map bullet trajectory

Monash University researchers are working on new technology that could one day help forensics track bullet paths in shooting victims. With further testing and upscaling, this technology could in the future reduce the need for post-mortems for shooting victims, and…


NEC Australia statement on terminated ACIC BIS project

NEC Australia (NECA) has commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria seeking recovery of costs and expenses following the June 2018 termination for convenience of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) Biometric Identification Services (BIS) project. In 2016 NECA…

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