Australian Security

The Health of NSW Hospital Security

Commenced in mid-November 2018, NSW Health recently released an interim report prepared by ex-NSW Police Officer and Minister, Peter Anderson, titled “Improvements to security in hospitals”. Containing 48 recommendations, this…

Asia Pacific Security

Argus TrueID acquires Biometric Identity Systems

Argus TrueID has announced the acquisition of Queensland based Biometric Identity Solutions (BIS) Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and with offices the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and United Arab Emirates, Argus TrueID has become a leader in the rapidly growing global…


How to minimise roulette wheel motion blur

Once I was approached by a casino professional, asking me if I can help them find a camera with 60fps which they want to use with their roulette tables. First I asked him about the purpose for such camera, before…

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