International Security Officers’ Day


Image: Majid Pirmaghami, Millenium Services Group, VIC .

International Security Officers’ Day – the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) is calling on the community to acknowledge the role performed by security officers 24/7 in keeping us safe.

A vital part of Australia’s national security mix, security officers perform a broad range of roles from protecting hospitals to defence bases, shopping centres to offices, concerts and sporting events, security officers are present at licensed premises, airports, critical infrastructure and much more.

Whether protecting public spaces, critical infrastructure or patrolling premises after hours, security officers must be ready to respond to a variety of potentially dangerous situations from suspicious and unsociable behaviour through to criminal activity and terrorist threats.

Their fast thinking and swift actions save lives, such as when Warda Moshi, a security officer for Assetlink in VIC saved a female patron’s life when she was found unconscious after a hazardous chemical leak in a retailer’s store. Putting himself in harm’s way, he displayed calmness and a high level of professionalism, administering first aid and support until medical services arrived.

A global security industry initiative originating in Australia and now in its eighth year, International Security Officers’ Day is a day to acknowledge the contribution of Australia’s 155,562 licensed security personnel (an all-time high), reflecting the growth in demand for the industry’s services.

At its core, the day is about acknowledging the often unsung and unrecognised security professionals who provide essential services such as Leonie Bevan, a security officer at Certis in SA who has assisted law enforcement in helping to locate missing persons and who has a knack for keeping people calm in stressful situations, whilst knowing when a situation needs to be escalated to the police.

To Majid Pirmaghami from Millennium Services Group who at great personal risk removed two seriously wounded people out of harm’s way in an incident at a major Shopping Centre in VIC, rendered first aid to stem the flow of blood from their stab wounds while he called the police and remained on the phone providing updates and information to assist them in their response.

A vital part of his community and on hand at times of need, WA Security Supervisor Rohan Wendt with Assetlink has worked in the security industry for 25 years. Dealing with thefts and incidents on a daily basis, Rohan is always one of the first responders when it comes to medical incidents.

Debunking the myth that physical strength is a primary requirement, Hanin Nahas, a Security Offer in NSW for the Glad Group, demonstrates via empathy and a high level of care how integral mental and emotional skills are in performing her role successfully.

ASIAL CEO Bryan de Caires said: “On 24 July, we are simply calling on business, government, and the wider community to say, ‘thank you’ to frontline security officers they meet in their day to day lives, who are working hard to keep us safe, 24/7.”

“It only takes a moment to acknowledge the security officers at your work, in the shopping centre or elsewhere. Or you can acknowledge them through your social media network using the hashtag #thankyousecurityofficers,” said ASIAL CEO Bryan de Caires.

With growing demand for the services provided by the security industry across all sectors of the economy, International Security Officers’ Day is a day to say ‘thank you’ to those who help to keep us safe.



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