ANSTO Invention Picks Up Two Good Design Awards


The team at ANSTO has won two of the country’s highest honours for innovative design.

ANSTO took out Gold awards in two categories at this year’s Good Design Awards, for their new product, CORIS360®. The first honour being for Product Design – Commercial and Industrial and the second gold medal awarded for Engineering Design.

Developed over seven years and released in 2020, the portable device, CORIS360® can pinpoint the exact location of different types of radiation sources, faster and more accurately than ever before.

Since its release at the 2020 IEEE International Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, CORIS360® is fast becoming recognised as the most user-friendly, next gen, nuclear safety device.

Producing fast, precise and high-quality 360-degree images that identify the location, type and amount of radiation in an area, CORIS360® is already an invaluable resource for organisations around the world, including those in the nuclear security, border monitoring, nuclear operations and reactor decommissioning industries.

ANSTO CEO Shaun Jenkinson said the Good Design Awards bestowed on CORIS360® are a great recognition for its innovation and excellence.

“We are delighted with these awards – it’s a powerful testament to the ingenuity and inventiveness of our world-class scientists, engineers and researchers,” Mr Jenkinson said.

“This is just one example of the world-leading, future-focused work undertaken at ANSTO every day, ranging from nuclear engineering, through invaluable global research to help treat COVID.”

The device was invented by a research team at ANSTO led by Dr David Boardman, Chief Technology Officer and Principal Scientist, ANSTO Detection & Imaging.

“My primary aim was to find improved solutions for nuclear safety and national security applications. For the team to achieve this, and now be recognised with these awards is very fulfilling,” Dr Boardman said.


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