Anti-Theft GPS Breaks into Aussie Holiday Market


Solid GPS says it is seeing a spike in sales post-COVID restrictions as Aussies start to holiday domestically.

The Melbourne-based security-tech start-up says it has reached the 5,000 customers mark, as an army of ‘Grey Nomads’ increasingly holiday at home after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

Although motor vehicle thefts have reduced 7.5% in the last year (according to CarSafe) potentially due to lockdowns and restrictions, the ability to holiday domestically has the potential to put caravans and other motorhomes at risk.

Just last year, the caravan and camping industry saw a massive spike in sales with suppliers struggling to keep up with demand.

“The fact that Australians can now travel is just going to increase the number of thefts,” says Solid GPS co-founder Nathan Torkar.

“We’re not thinking just about motorbikes or cars anymore. Holidaying Australians who use caravans or motorhomes have all their personal belongings, cash and cards stored inside. This is very enticing for thieves.

“We’re urging Australians to think hard and really consider extra security in place for their motorhomes before they head off on an adventure. Our GPS tracker can provide that peace of mind.”

“We’re elated with the fact we’ve hit this milestone. It’s so important to us that Australians take their vehicle security seriously, and the support we’ve seen is showing us just that,” said Torkar.


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