Australia & Solomon Islands Deepen Explosive Ordnance Disposal Cooperation


Australia and Solomon Islands are deepening cooperation on explosive ordnance disposal, with a $15 million package of infrastructure works, equipment and training earmarked for Honiara.

The package builds on Defence’s longstanding cooperation with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to address the legacy of World War II-era explosive remnants of war across the archipelago.

Two fatal incidents in the last 12 months underscore the tragic ongoing human impact of unexploded ordnance on Solomon Islands and its people.

Infrastructure works, including redevelopment of the demolitions range at the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Hells Point facility, will enhance capacity to store and dispose of World War II-era ordnance safely and securely.

A new high-mobility engineering excavator will boost police capacity to extract explosive remnants of war in Honiara and across Solomon Islands. The excavator can also be used to respond to natural disasters.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) experts will work closely with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to design a tailored training package, focused on advanced skills and instructor training for experienced officers, as well as training for new officers.


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