Charter Pacific Signs New International Biometric Licence Agreement


Charter Pacific has signed a licence agreement with Canada’s Tapplock Corporation to enable Tapplock to use its patented biometric Intellectual Property (IP) for fingerprint-based smart padlocks.

Charter Pacific Executive Chairman Kevin Dart said the Australian technology company was delighted to be able to announce the Tapplock agreement, its second significant licensing deal.

“With our focus on a commercial licensing model, we are confident of many more to come,” Mr Dart said.

“There is an incredible breadth of applications which are impacted by our biometric IP, with biometric elements becoming central in an ever-increasing number of products and systems.

“As such, there are countless companies, across the finance, consumer, automotive, security and other sectors, that represent potential licensing partners for Charter Pacific’s IP.

“Our business model clearly demonstrates that Australians’ know-how has a critical role to play in the further development of the IoT and the delivery of security and convenience to consumers.”


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