Dingo Demo Day


Fleet management specialist Dingo Defence has ‘virtually’ showcased its predictive maintenance software system for Army at a C4 EDGE Showcase Day held in Brisbane.

Managing Director Ron Parrello said that with COVID restrictions ruling out travel to Canberra, it was important to find another way to let Army see the massive benefits of its diagnostic tools.

“Our C4 EDGE (Evolutionary Defence Ground Environment) partner, Electro Optic Systems (EOS), was hosting a Showcase Day in Canberra, and we wanted to be part of it; so, we organised a Brisbane event to beam in”, Mr Parrello said.

Other participants at the Dingo-organised Brisbane demonstration day included:

  • CISTech Solutions,
  • Cognition Analytica,
  • Cyborg Dynamics Engineering, and
  • EM Solutions.

“We’ve attracted senior Queensland-based customer representatives, academics, partners and industry leaders to see first-hand the C4 EDGE capabilities of Brisbane-based companies,” he said.

“They can’t travel either yet, so this was the next best option to showcase Queensland-based C4 EDGE capabilities to those stakeholders based here, and virtually to those outside the state.”

Dingo has more than 25 years’ global experience in equipment asset health using an array of condition-monitoring methods and data to help extend the remaining useful life (RUL) of vehicle fleets.

“The Army alone has thousands of vehicles in its fleet, such as the Medium Heavy logistic vehicles, ASLAV, Bushmaster, G Wagon, M1 Abrams tank and M113s,” said Mr Parrello.

“We want Army to see first-hand how Dingo Defence’s next generation asset health program can increase heavy vehicle availability, extend the life of every vehicle in the fleet and reduce operating costs,” he said.

“Similarly, future fleets could reap the benefits of our system from day one.”


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