Exposing Dirty Habits: Perth’s Cyber Riskers Meetup


The recent Cyber Risk Meetup in Perth demonstrated well the West Australian cyber community’s enthusiasm, strength and passion for learning. With an enticing title, “Exposing Dirty Habits”, the event kicked off in GHD Digital’s offices on Hay Street, with a very relevant discussion on big company exposures. It was delivered by Rapid7’s Vice President for APAC, Neil Campbell, who has a long and interesting career spanning law enforcement, forensics, cyber technology and consulting, through to most recently, sales.

Neil’s presentation entitled, The State of Security for Australia’s ASX 200 Orgs, focused on the key finding from Rapid7’s recently published report on ASX 200 companies and their cyber exposures. He covered the following aspects on a sector-by-sector basis:

  • Number of exposed servers and devices;
  • exposure to known common attacks;
  • susceptibility to phishing attacks;
  • evidence of infection from malware;
  • third-party dependencies share risk; and
  • evidence of vulnerability management.

As Neil explained, ASX 200 organisations are amongst the most well-funded and well-resourced in Australia. Each of these organisations will undoubtedly spend a significant amount of money each year on cyber security (likely into millions of dollars), but Rapid7 was able to discover many systemic cyber risks and exposures across every sector represented in the report…Click here to read full article.


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