Port Actions Welcomed


The Australian Resources and Energy Group says it welcomes the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) taking action against the Maritime Division of the CFMMEU for alleged death threats and other coercive behaviour in relation to the damaging port strikes of last year.

“The behaviour witnessed at the picketing of Kwinana’s bulk jetty for three months in 2021 was nothing short of disgraceful,” Steve Knott AM, Chief Executive of the Australian Resources and Energy Group, said.

“Bullying and coercion, such as death threats and vile verbal abuse, is unacceptable and unlawful in any setting, even where industrial action may be protected under the Fair Work Act.

“Not only was the behaviour and actions of the picketers, egged on by union officials, potentially unlawful, the strikes were highly damaging to the Western Australian and national economy.

“Critical building and construction supplies were significantly delayed, as were important supplies and equipment to the state’s farming and mining sectors.

“Contractors not involved in the dispute were blocked from unloading cargo, and major global shipping companies were forced to divert vessels to Melbourne and Adelaide before sending freight back to Western Australia via road and rail.

“This was an ugly strike that sent a very bad look to the international business community.”

Noting the Federal Opposition’s policy is to abolish the ABCC if it wins government, Mr Knott said this case is a “prime example” of why such an outcome would be disastrous for the economy and the rule of law in Australian workplaces.

“The Australian Labor Party’s policy is based on nothing more than allowing the CFMMEU to continue being recidivist law breakers and bullies,” Mr Knott said.

“If the CFMMEU simply complied with Australia’s workplace laws AMMA would join the ALP and their union comrades and support the ABCC being wound up.

“Sadly there is more chance of finding a one-ended stick than this occurring anytime soon.”


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