While you’re away the cat burglars may play


With school holidays coming up in September we need to be extra vigilant if leaving a home or business unattended to ensure property is not taken or damaged.

School holidays are scheduled for 18 September in QLD and VIC, and 25 September NSW, SA, TAS, NT, WA and ACT. There are several things you can do to protect your belongings.

When you go on holiday, you could be leaving behind evidence your house is empty without realising it. Things like a full letterbox, indicating there is no one to collect mail. Your rubbish bins may have been left out, your garage door may be ajar, or you may have posted on social media that you are going away.

You may like to set up automatic light activation so that it looks like you are in the premises.

Some of your options for security may include an alarm system, with a range of possibilities such as CCTV video surveillance, door / window sensors, motion sensors and glass break sensors to detect movement at entry points and inside the premises.

Back to base monitoring for alarm attendance is another consideration. Patrol officers that check your home or business periodically is another important thing to think about.

It is a good idea to have a licensed security professional review your set up before you go. Request the professional’s licence details to ensure it is current and always get three written quotes. When using a security company, put their signs up so that potential criminals know you have security.


If you do use a security company over the break, you may like to use a member of ASIAL for peace of mind and to ensure they are credible. Look for the ASIAL logo. Contact one of our members today https://www.asial.com.au/search-directory.


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