Australian Security Industry – Peak body statement acknowledging the essential public safety role performed by private security during the COVID-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the essential frontline role performed by Australia’s private security industry in helping to keep people, property and businesses safe.

The industry has mobilised thousands of security personnel rapidly (in some instances with less than 24 hours’ notice) to effectively provide security and public safety services (including screening the movement of people and maintaining social distancing) at hospitals, critical infrastructure and manufacturing facilities, shopping centres, supermarkets through to monitoring alarms and securing hotels housing quarantined returned travellers across the country.

Throughout the pandemic thousands of dedicated and hardworking private security officers have shown up for duty 24/7 to help keep us safe. They perform their duties to a high level in accordance with standard operating procedures and protocols, client instructions, agency control measures and site-specific requirements, including infection control management practices.

Commenting on COVID-19 developments in Melbourne Bryan de Caires, CEO of ASIAL said: “Statements made about improper behaviour and practices at some quarantine hotels in Melbourne are deeply concerning. ASIAL welcomes the inquiry announced by Premier Andrews into all aspects of the operation of Victoria’s hotel quarantine program headed by former judge The Honourable Jennifer Coate AO.”

“ASIAL awaits the findings of the Inquiry whose terms of reference will focus on the actions of Government, hotels, contractors, security and food suppliers. If any wrongdoing is identified, ASIAL supports those at fault being held fully to account” stated de Caires.

“ASIAL commends security personnel across all States and Territories who diligently perform their duties in keeping Australians safe” he said.

The significant threat posed to our community by the COVID-19 virus means there is no margin for error. Everyone has a role to play to ensure we all have a safe and secure work environment.

The community can rest assured that across the country, the thousands of professional security personnel will continue to perform a vital role in helping keep Australians safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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