New generation SaaS enterprise risk management available from Noggin IT


OCA Risk screens mult devicesNoggin IT has announced a new risk management module for its enterprise resilience suite of cloud based solutions.

Noggin OCA Risk is a new generation of software for risk management, offering unrivalled flexibility and adaptability. It provides risk managers and assessors with all the tools they need to manage risk across an enterprise, ensuring decisions are enacted and treatments implemented effectively, and driving continual improvement.

James BW, Managing Director Noggin IT says, “No other system provides such a comprehensive suite of tools covering risk and incident management, tasking, communications, workflows, process management, automation, analysis and reporting. Because it is built into our world-leading incident management solution, it is possible to manage the entire risk event lifecycle and close the loop from risk identification, incident investigation and response, to the lessons learned.”

Manage risk in the real world

James adds, “At Noggin we are seeing concerns about Business Continuity driving risk purchases. Organisations are facing increased challenges to be prepared to meet the many threats to continuity, resulting from operating in the complex business and social environments of the modern world.  Climate change, fallout from the GFC, increased regulations, political uncertainty all playing a factor.

People are seeing the need to remove silos between different operational risks to provide an enterprise wide view of risk and the need to be able to actively manage risks through the enterprise by integrating risk planning with incident management.  Effective risk planning and management, in addition to rapid response and recovery when planning fails, are key components to ensuring enterprise resilience.”

Manage risk the way you want to

Noggin OCA Risk is flexible enough to handle different types of risk in one central system. Multiple risk matrices can be configured if required.  While the centralised risk register has filters so different users see only the risks they need to depending on security and ease-of-use considerations.

OCA Risk is fully integrated with OCA Incident Manager’s tasking, communications, workflows, asset & contact management features, providing peace of mind that decisions and actions are followed through. No need for modules or multiple systems.

Integration also enables managers to close the feedback loop of the ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ (PDCA) risk event life cycle for continuous improvement.  An incident is either a risk that has not been properly identified in the risk plan or a risk for which a control failed.  Being tightly integrated, these 2 historically separate functions, allows immediate feedback to management when the plan failed.

OCA Risk follows the ISO31000 international standard for risk management helping organisations to implement a best practice approach in an easy and flexible way.

Like all Noggin cloud solutions OCA Risk is extremely secure operating within our EAL2+ certified framework.


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