Quick thinking and adaptability bodes well


By Kema Rajandran, ASM.

Imagine you’ve just been promoted into senior management at Qantas, and in your first week, the tragic events of September 11 occur. This was the case for Jennifer Muldoon, wife, mother and security and brand protection specialist with extensive experience in large scale, global corporate and sporting events.

As Head of Security at the iconic Sydney Opera House, Ms Muldoon holds over 15 years in security investigation and management, previously achieving the rank of Detective Senior Constable and Investigator with the NSW Police and over twelve years service.

While the world came to a standstill around September 11, Ms Muldoon had to embark on a very steep learning curve and develop and implement counter terrorism response plans post September 11.

Day to day duties saw Ms Muldoon juggle risk management and high level negotiation, particularly between law enforcement agencies and stakeholders. “The role I held at Qantas saw me conduct the security planning and risk management for our VIPs, including brand protection and ensuring that none of our representatives were compromised.”

Amongst her career highlights Ms Muldoon also held a somewhat demanding but “very exciting role” of planning for John Travolta representing Qantas at the FIFA world cup in South Africa. This involved high level international risk management and negotiation and required attention to detail. Liaison and planning efforts involved dealing with local law enforcement and even the driver, restaurant organiser and child minders.

She also worked on three major advertising campaigns for Qantas which we have all seen. Being responsible for the security of these campaigns had the added perk of travel, whereby children were safely taken around the world singing I Still Call Australia Home.

“I was very fortunate to work on these campaigns, it was a tough gig but someone had to do it and it is still recognised as the most successful marketing campaign ever.”

“ I found that travelling with a team, you tend to do a little part of each other’s role to ensure a successful outcome.”

An expert communicator and strategist, Ms Muldoon’s services and consultation are always in demand. She was responsible for implementing numerous security programs such as corporate positioning during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2006 Commonwealth Games and has developed and been responsible for large-scale security training initiatives.

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