Senstar Releases Thin Client 3.9


When paired with Senstar Symphony video management software (VMS), the Thin Client now features dynamic privacy masking, which allows it to obscure the identifying features of individuals or vehicles that may appear within a camera’s field of view.

Unlike the more common static masking which is configuration-driven and can be used to obfuscate specific areas within a camera’s field of view (e.g. public sidewalk or private residence), dynamic masking is analytic-driven and applies pixelization to the distinguishing characteristics of moving objects that traverse the scene. Dynamic masking can assist organizations in meeting increasing personal data privacy regulations such as those set out by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Key features of the Senstar Thin Client include:

  • Dynamic and static privacy masking
  • Video clip and still image export
  • Management options – on-screen UI, Web UI, Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
  • Separate permission profiles for Administrators and (Viewer) Users
  • Input device options – USB Keyboard & Mouse, Touch Screen, Joystick, TV Remote Control
  • Video display options – Defined camera views, Smart 2-View, Carousels & Video Wall support
  • Centralized monitoring and management via Senstar Enterprise Manager

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